A global branded entertainment business recognized for their engaging toys, games and products for play and entertainment, Hasbro is known to be one of the largest play and entertainment makers in the world targeting children and their families.

Hasbro came to Flavor to find effective methods to support their product launch and create brand awareness leading to word of mouth for the wider Hasbro game portfolio. Consumers would then become brand advocates and promoters of the Hasbro brand.


The Hasbro audience mainly consists of families with young children between the ages 8-15.

Flavor identified the most suitable channels to reach the Hasbro audience through School Sampling, reaching up to 1.6 million children including their parents.


In total, just over 15,000 Hasbro 5 Alive game samples and leaflets had been distributed in schools across the UK, targeting those specifically within the target audience throughout various classes and after-school clubs.

The leaflet had outlined a competition mechanic to encourage a positive incentive around the sample as well as a way to gain insightful product feedback.


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