Digital Sampling

Digital Sampling utilises a variety of digital media, social media, influencer, CRM + web traffic, serving highly targeted audience profiles and offering them a chance to claim a free sample. Samples are then sent directly to the consumer’s doors for them to try in the comfort of their own home.

How Flavor does it

By creating a trusted line of communication between the brand and consumer (by offering a free sample and collecting consumer data), we are able to take the consumer through the entire purchase funnel; from awareness by serving the advert, consideration by collecting their data and offering more info on the product, intent when the sample is delivered and tried in their home, and through to action with remarketing techniques to drive purchase, recommendation or reviews.

Flavor’s proprietary measurement methodology is integrated throughout all sampling channels to track, gather and provide insight on audience, purchase, recommendation + consumer feedback.

Product Sampling

The Stats

39% Average Claimed Purchase Conversion

74% Average Likelihood to Purchase Conversion

85% Average Recommendation Conversion

51 Average Net Promoter Score

Pros: Highly targeted, able to drive a variety of actions effectively (purchase, reviews, content etc.), no reliance on footfall, sustainable, captures opt ins for Brand CRM, excellent conversion.

Cons: Higher cost per sample due to ad cost, logistics + fulfillment.

Flavor’s Digital Sampling Capabilities

  • Strategy
  • Creative development
  • Campaign integration
  • Digital + Social Media management
  • Execution
  • Storage, fulfillment + logistics
  • Measurement + feedback