Flavor Policies

At Flavor, we regularly review and update our regulations and policies to provide the most up-to-date framework to maintain the best approaches for our team and internal operations.

Recruitment Policy

Because we operate on a remote working model, we are committed to hiring the best talent all over the UK.

For us to achieve this, relevant hiring procedures are put into place.

This allows for a smooth hiring process from the first stage to the last stage of recruitment.

Inclusivity Policy

We do not tolerate any form of discrimination within and outside of the workplace.

This policy sets out how we continuously encourage diversity and inclusivity at Flavor, giving equal opportunities for all of our staff in our day-to-day roles and from a recruitment point of view.

Our aim is to create a fair opportunity for all members of society.

Environmental and Sustainability Policy

Our aim is to improve and promote sustainable practices throughout our operations and services.

Our Environmental and Sustainability Policy reflects our dedication in becoming environmentally conscious outlining the steps needed to achieve our sustainability goals, as well as our aims to become B-Corp certified.