Live Sampling

Live Sampling is the most traditional method of product sampling, that takes advantage of locations with high footfalls or specific audiences to hand out products and engage with consumers. This can range from offices + stations through to festivals + supermarkets.

How Flavor does it

By using a wealth of campaign, consumer, social + postcode data points; we define areas that are high in density of specific audience profiles, and create journey plans that minimise audience wastage and maximise effectiveness.

Flavor’s proprietary measurement methodology is integrated throughout all sampling channels to track, gather and provide insight on audience, purchase, recommendation + consumer feedback.

The Stats

23% Average Claimed Purchase Conversion

69% Average Likelihood to Purchase Conversion

80% Average Recommendation Conversion

17 Average Net Promoter Score

Pros: Face to face + high level engagement, activates at point of purchase, creates content, low cost per sample at scale.

Cons: Targeting is never 100%, audience wastage, reliant on locations with high footfall, poor sustainability (logistic requirements + litter) , more difficult to track effectiveness, high cost per sample unless scaled.

Flavor’s Live Sampling Capabilities

  • Strategy
  • Partnerships
  • Creative development
  • Campaign integration
  • Production
  • Event booking
  • Execution
  • Staffing
  • Storage + logistics
  • Measurement + feedback