Flavor is a full service agency. We offer an end-to-end service + look after all sampling elements in-house to drive efficiencies in cost, targeting + measurement…

…or we can provide any individual elements that your current setup might be missing to maximise value.

Below you can see our various capabilities across the three key areas of:

  • Strategy + Planning
  • Execution
  • Measurement + Insight

Product Sampling Agency

Strategy + Planning

Strategy is at the centre of who Flavor is.

Our Integrated Sampling model means that rather than selling in a preferred sampling approach.

We work through the objective, deep dive into the target audience, understand the opportunities to reach, engage, and make an impact – and curate an Integrated Sampling Strategy to fit your brand + campaign needs.

All our plans are based on data, proven conversion levels, and insight from hundreds of sampling executions across every sampling technique possible!

We are genuinely ‘Channel Agnostic’.


We believe this is the ONLY way to create the

Strategy + Planning Capabilities:

  • Integrated Sampling strategy
  • Audience analysis
  • Creative conception
  • Creative actualisation
  • Partnership selection, sourcing + management
  • Campaign integration (digital, social, OOH, TVA and more)
  • Creative visualisation
  • Event selection + journey planninga


Flavor is a full-service sampling & brand experience agency. We turn strategy and insights into brand stories, that are compelling, engaging, effective narratives for all types of sampling channels and platforms.

Creative Development + Conceptualisation

Flavor offers a full studio team from Creative & Art Directors, Design and Artworking. Our team champion the creation of ‘big idea’ experiential that can lead multi-channel sampling campaigns with exciting and shareable experiences. Through the creative development process, the team create everything from design visuals and artwork, to structural drawings, and all the way to 3D experience tours and 360 degree immersive renders.

Experiential Production

With over 30 years combined experience in experiential production, our team are experts in creating cutting-edge immersive production, event builds and pop-up stands. Our team offer a complete end-to-end production workshop with capabilities including (but not limited to) scenic production, metal/wood fabrication, AV, large format print, rigging, health & safety RAMS, etc.

Storage + Logistics

Our logistics department operates from four depots, strategically positioned throughout the UK. Each depot offers the full suite of logistics capabilities. Through years of managing both complex and high volume campaigns, our logistics team have the necessary skill set to quickly scale-up their capacity, whilst continuing to deliver a seamless, efficient, flexible and nationwide service.

Services include; Transport (HGV, 3.5T and the pallet network), Fulfilment, Nationwide distribution, Storage (ambient, chilled and frozen), Cold Chain Management, Laundry, Waste Management, 24/7 Access & Security, Live inventory management.

Promotional Staffing

We believe it’s the quality of staff sets us apart from the rest. Only promotional staff who embody our core values are welcomed into our family. Our staffing department make sure our staff are all-rounders, who can effectively and efficiently manage all elements of campaigns, including set up, live activation’s, consumer engagement and measurement.

We offer an extensive database of staff available across the UK + Ireland, all with extensive experience working with both global brands and small start-ups.

Digital + Social

We offer a full suite of digital services to integrate, streamline + amplify sampling campaigns.

Our digital sampling offering also translates the benefits of product sampling and the hyper targeted approach of digital marketing.

Digital Sampling utilises a variety of digital media, social media, influencer, CRM + web traffic, serving highly targeted audience profiles and offering them a chance to claim a free sample. Samples are then sent directly to the consumer’s doors for them to try in the comfort of their own home.

Product Sampling

Measurement + Insight

Flavor’s proprietary measurement + reporting program tracks the journey of every sampling campaign:

  • Ensuring the right audience are engaged
  • Understanding the effectiveness of each of the sampling channels
  • Confirming the actions created by the sampling campaign
  • Identifying ROI, insight, key trends and opportunities
  • Measuring against benchmarks + average conversion levels from hundreds of sampling activations

We measure everything we can across all sampling techniques to provide consistent + useful data to help us and you constantly improve!

Our standardised measurement methodology ensures that we can analyse the effectiveness across each sampling channel as well as the campaign as
a whole.