In-Home Sampling

In-Home Sampling piggybacks (both logistically and by leveraging brands’ reputations) on services that already deliver into consumers’ homes by including a sample as a gift alongside their order + whilst they are in a positive, receptive mood.

How Flavor does it

We are proud to be channel agnostic in our approach. Rather than having exclusive agreements (and the set sales targets that go alongside it), Flavor  have over a thousand trusted and certified partners – that range from household names like Hello Fresh through to Take Away restaurants able to target at postcode level.  

Our partnership database + audience profiling tools enable us to refine and curate bespoke mixes of partners to offer the perfect selection for brands to reach + engage their own specific target audiences.  

Flavor’s proprietary measurement methodology is integrated throughout all sampling channels to track, gather and provide insight on audience, purchase, recommendation + consumer feedback.

The Stats

31% Average Claimed Purchase Conversion

72% Average Likelihood to Purchase Conversion

59% Average Recommendation Conversion

23 Average Net Promoter Score

Pros: Lowest cost per sample, extremely sustainable, good targeting, leverage brand reputations, no reliance on footfall,opportunity for content, strong conversion.

Cons: Lower engagement as product samples are included alongside other items.

Flavor’s In-Home Sampling Capabilities

  • Strategy
  • Partnerships
  • Creative development
  • Campaign integration
  • Digital + Social Media management
  • Execution
  • Storage, fulfillment + logistics
  • Measurement + feedback