In-Home Channels

Deliveroo Sampling

Deliveroo is the largest on-demand delivery company in the UK, connecting local consumers, restaurants, grocers, retailers and riders across markets to bring people the food and products they love.

With 163K Restaurant Partners, more than 20K Grocery Sites and over 290 million average deliveries a year, it has a reach that surpasses nearly every channel.

With up to 300K samples available per month, sampling with Deliveroo utilises their expansive network to include samples alongside Takeaways and Rapid Grocery Deliveries. As well as effectively distributing samples to eager and engaged consumers at hyper-relevant occasions, Deliveroo’s in-built quality control systems and brand’s perception offers one of the most powerful In-Home sampling channels available in the UK.

Flavor is Deliveroo’s exclusive Sampling Partner – bolstering their unique offering with our strategic know-how and best in class measurement and reporting.

Product Sampling Agency

+27 Average NPS

31% Average Claimed Purchase

62.2% Average Recommendation Rate

58% Average Likelihood to Purchase

How Flavor does it


  • By cross referencing postcode-level data with specific areas across over 30 Deliveroo sites in the UK, we can tailor each campaign to be targeted to areas with high densities of specific audience groups.

  • Sampling alongside specific restaurants or tailoring a campaign based on cuisine types.

  • Target based on consumption occasions, TV show timings, seasons and events. Ensuring that the sample is received when the audience is in the optimal mindset.

  • Age gating managed by Deliveroo’s ordering system, opt-in mechanic and ID verification on delivery.


  • Integrating sampling with Deliveroo as part of your marketing and sampling campaigns

  • Supporting with a portfolio of Media solutions from Home Page Banners, and Sponsored Category through to Push Notifications

  • Insert is included with every campaign to drive to purchase within Deliveroo, to alternative retailer and to the On Trade


Campaign measurement + reporting comes as standard with all sampling campaigns including…

  • Live reporting dashboard to track distribution across all channels, opt in and survey results in real time.

  • Deep dive into Brand perception, Claimed purchase, ROI, Recommendation, NPS, Demographics, Age, Geographic breakdown, Send Count, Open Count, Open Rate (vs benchmark), Clicks, CTR (vs benchmark).

  • Consumer insight around consumption occasions, shopping behaviour and buying frequency for your product category.

  • All data collected as part of measurement will be from opted -in communications and delivered to you at the end of the campaign.

Pros: High engagement as samples are included alongside relevant cuisine categories and takeaway orders that complement the type of product

Cons: Slightly more expensive than other sampling channels

Case Studies

Inch's Cider

Inch’s approached Flavor to find relevant sampling channels to support the launch of their Medium Apple Cider.


Alpro approached Flavor in order to raise product awareness of their Greek Style yoghurt and to engage with consumers in London areas.