Nature Valley Germany


Owned by General Mills, Nature Valley was the first-ever granola bar to be introduced in the 70’s. Fast forward to the present day, they are now a popular cereal snack bar enjoyed by many. They offer a range of flavours and varieties to suit every adventure.

Nature Valley were looking to raise product awareness in the German market and target active, on-the-go consumers.


The Nature Valley consumer are 25-54 year old nature explorers with families. Specifically for this campaign, Nature Valley wanted to target office employees as well as gym goers.

Flavor. used a combination of TGIAcorn and proprietary data to identify hot-spots of the Nature Valley audience throughout Germany to identify the relevant industries and gym locations across the country.


Flavor had distributed 32,000 samples in total across Offices and Gyms in Germany.

Through the Office Sampling channel, key offices and relevant industries were targeted reaching workplaces with up to 800 people per office. This channel had allowed office workers to share their experiences with the sample and encouraged advocacy and conversation.

Gym Sampling had reached a number of locations across Germany, giving Nature Valley the opportunity to get their samples into the hands of their target consumer. The sample had reached the target audience via gym floors, changing rooms and lockers.

The campaign was tracked throughout using integrated measurement to understand campaign success and insightful consumer behaviours towards the sample.


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