Sensodyne is a best-selling and dentist-recommended teeth care brand most known for their range of toothpastes, specially formulated for those with sensitive teeth.

Sensodyne approached Flavor with the objectives to build brand awareness and increase product trial of their Repair and Protect toothpaste range.


Flavor. identified hotspots of the Sensodyne audience and utilising those channels that will directly reach their target demographic.

Student sampling had the capabilities of reaching their audience, by targeting 80% of the 2.3 million student population across the UK.


Through the student sampling channel, 127,500 samples were distributed via sampling stations, goody bags and on-campus student events.

Each channel had intelligently engaged students, by providing them with brands / products they can make use of during a key life moment, and ultimately creating early brand adopters.


Flavor. Sampling is an Integrated Sampling Agency. We curate the perfect mix of sampling techniques to deliver optimal results for every campaign. Integrating all elements under one house to drive efficiencies in Targeting, Relevance, Measurement and ROI

We plan, execute & measure sampling campaigns built from a blend of tools, methods and techniques – including the ones mentioned in this blog:)

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