Aquarian is the leading fish food brand in the UK providing the right nutrition and water treatments for your fish. After being acquired by Mars Incorporated, Aquarian began worldwide distribution selling a range of complete fish goods across the globe in the last 20 years.

Aquarian reached out to Flavor wanting to maximise sales rates, increase brand perception and to find suitable methods in measuring consumer feedback.


Aquarian’s targetting were towards male and female consumers within the range 18-55. They were hobbyists of tropical and freshwater fish, and were interested in fish keeping and pets.

Flavor. used a combination of TGI, Acorn and proprietary data to identify hot-spots of Aquarian’s audience throughout the UK, and was cross-correlated with stores that sold Aquarian products.

Social ad tools were used to target the audience precisely based on demographics, likes, interests and audience behaviours.

The targeting identified a potential 22,000,000 relevant and engaged audience.


Flavor. designed, created and ran targeted social adverts and served them to Aquarian’s audience – giving them a chance to claim a free sample pot of tropical/temperate water or, goldfish/cold water fish food.

The Social ad reached a hyper-targeted audience, having 15,000 Samples distributed directly to consumers’ homes.

Follow-up emails and measurement surveys were sent to consumers post-trial in order to maximise sales uplift and encourage product feedback.


Flavor’s integrated measurement ran throughout the campaign to provide insight on Awareness, Perception, Recommendation, Net Promoter \Score + Sales Uplift.

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