Types of Sampling

There are a variety of sampling techniques and tools out there,
you just need to know where to look, and how to use them.

Each of the different techniques has its own benefits, strengths & weaknesses.

Brand to Hand Sampling

Office Sampling

Guerrilla Sampling

Retail Sampling

Event Sampling

Partnership Sampling

Sampling Roadshows

Experiential Sampling

Goody Bags

Ride Share Sampling

Digital Sampling

Takeaway Sampling

Subscription Sampling

Smart Speaker Sampling

New Home Sampling

Insert Placement

eCommerce Sampling

Review Sampling

Magazine Sampling

Direct Mail + Door Drop Sampling

Salon Sampling

School Sampling

New Parent Sampling

Gym Sampling

Student Sampling

An Integrated Sampling Approach.

This means that we work with brands to curate the perfect sampling mix to deliver
optimal results for specific objectives... just like you would with an integrated marketing campaign.

We look after all sampling elements under one roof to drive efficiencies in
Targeting, Relevance, Measurement & ROI.

Below are some of the sampling techniques that we use...

Brand to Hand.

A snappy name for any situation where consumers experience products in person - passing the brand to their hands.
From shopping centres & train stations to gyms & weddings.

This technique is high on engagement, and extremely effective in delivering more complex messaging to consumers.

Well run Brand to Hand campaigns have been known to increase brand perception, likelihood to purchase & recommendation rates by up to 160%.

We use a combination of TGI and Acorn data along with proprietary insight to geotarget where the audience are as well as when they will be most receptive to a sampling message. We cross-correlate this data with where they are most likely to go onto purchase to plan an effective sampling campaign with minimum wastage and maximum ROI.

Digital Sampling

...powered by Sampler

This targeted approach is extremely effective in minimising wastage (both audience and litter) and boasts positive intent to purchase stats that average 83%

Through intelligent use of a variety of digital media, social media, influencer, CRM + web traffic we serve directly to your target audience. This means that brands can focus on exactly the people that they want to target, sending samples direct to the consumer's door.

Sampler's powerful integrated system collects consumer information (at the point of claiming a sample) to drive syndicated reviews remarketing (37% average response rate), data (55% opt in),and deep level insight (34% average response rate) to provide insight for all future marketing.

Flavor offer Digital Sampling Internationally, with current campaigns running in the UK, across Europe + North America.

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Guerrilla Sampling .

Guerrilla Sampling is a great way to activate Brand to Hand sampling on a tight budget.

Although it doesn't have the security of booked site spaces, we plan out all contingencies & back ups up front to minimise any risk.

Guerrilla sampling also gives the opportunity for us to react to opportunities on the day. Meaning we can make a splash, jump on a trend or get free exposure just by keeping our eyes open and being reactive.

Experiential Sampling.

Combining Experiential techniques as part of a sampling activation can increase engagement and generate credible, real life content for Social Media.

By creating a consumer journey as part of, or as a bolt on to traditional Brand to Hand Sampling your brand messages can be portrayed and absorbed - rather than regurgitated.

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Event Sampling.

From Festivals to Comic-Con, Trade Shows to Wedding Fairs... targeting consumers with relevant products at events that they are engaged and enthused about gives the opportunity to drive band sentiment and awareness.

Event sampling can be done very simply but can also really benefit from a more experiential approach. Creating activity and interactions as part of the sampling campaign to harnesses the spirit of the event and engage your audience in a relevant and memorable way.

Our database of global events allows us to pinpoint exactly the right mix of audience, activity, engagement, and sampling opportunity for every campaign.

Door Drops + Direct Mail.

Door Drop + Direct Mail Sampling get products directly into people's homes.

Door drops in particular offer an exceptional cost per sample, and can work particularly well when combined with Brand to Hand sampling as part of an integrated approach. Targeting is managed by census data allowing us to find high indexing audiences in specific post codes throughout the country.

Direct Mail gives the chance to target extremely effectively, targeting based on demographic, age, gender + background information such as children per household etc..

Flavor offer Direct Sampling Internationally, with current campaigns running in the UK, across Europe + North America.

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Retail Sampling.

Retail sampling is a powerful way to convert consumers into customers by talking to them whilst they are at the point of purchase.

This isn't supermarket staff in hair nets, handing out paper cups though. Our effective + ROI focussed Retail Sampling solutions range from targeted guerrilla, car park + in-store activations digital, ecommerce + partnership opportunities.

Staff selection is incredibly important for this channel though, which is why we have our in-house database of carefully sourced, selected and trained Event Managers, Brand Ambassadors, and specialist teams to create the most effective retail sampling campaigns possible.

One of the key benefits of in-store sampling is how trackable it is, using stores' sales data to understand the immediate and long-term benefits.

Office Sampling.

The office environment is one arena where there is minimal traditional marketing opportunity.

We create bespoke office sampling programmes, by working with businesses nationwide that have employees that match your target audience.

Flavor offer Office Sampling Internationally, with current campaigns running in the UK, across Europe + North America. We can create cost-effective and engaging campaigns that can deliver powerful ROI & testimonials.

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Subscription Sampling.

A derivative from product subscription models, Subscription Sampling relies on pre-built networks of individuals who either purchase or exchange their feedback & reviews for a regular box of treats tailored towards their interests.

There are thousands of subscription options in the UK + internationally, with a plethora of specialisms and niches (health, beauty, booze, etc.) and in-depth data on their audiences.

We work with brands to decipher the perfect subscription partners to work with as part of an integrated sampling campaign.

Flavor offer Subscription Sampling Internationally, with current campaigns running in the UK, across Europe + North America.

eCommerce Sampling.

By working with online retailers including fashion, leisure & supermarket shops, we can target audiences based on their buying behaviour as well as their demographics to get samples into their hands alongside their orders.

Flavor offer Ecommerce Sampling Internationally, with current campaigns running in the UK, across Europe + North America.

The recent dominance of online shopping has meant that all variety of purchases are being delivered directly to people's homes, allowing relevant samples to accompany them.

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New Home Sampling.

Engaging up to 40,000 high-value home movers per month, on the day that they move in, with relevant and engaging products that will always be associated with a monumental life moment.

The box is shared with complimentary products has a 100% open rate, and offers a time to engage with high-net consumers (67% over £50K household income) at time when they are more likely to change their buying behaviour.

Partnership Sampling.

Partnerships can range from groups, venues, organisations & magazines and can add enormous value to a brand through existing credibility and access to specific audiences.

We create bespoke partnership packages which can guarantee a set number of samples distributed along with the added value of exposure, competition packages, and associated engagement.

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Smart Speaker Sampling.

Using the connectivity of smart speakers like Alexa + Echo we target your audience and drive trial of your product on a National level.

Smart Speaker Sampling can be integrated as part of any media campaign to drive a unique level of engagement to your audience, resulting in a product sample delivered directly to their door.

Flavor offer Smart Speaker Sampling Internationally, with current campaigns running in the UK, Australia, across Europe + North America.

Sampling Roadshows.

Maximising the reach of a sampling campaign through bespoke Sampling Roadshows that are designed to maximise engagement levels of consumers.

We use audience targeting tools + proprietary insight to identify where + when brands' target audiences are most likely to receive a sample in a positive frame of mind, and how to engage them to maximise the effect on Brand Perception, Recommendation + Sales.

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Student Sampling.

Students are a key market for so many brands, and targeted sampling campaigns can be extremely effective in creating powerful advocates + driving immediate sales.

At Flavor, we use a variety of methods to intelligently engage students at the right time to optimise the effect of sampling.

As well as utilising our wide range of techniques to target specific demographics with Student communities, we can also offer access through exclusive welcome boxes and Student Accommodation drops...

Accessing up to hundreds of thousands of targeted Students throughout at monumental moment in their life where they actively reviewing their purchase behaviour.

Flavor offer Student Sampling Internationally, with current campaigns running in the UK, across Europe + North America.

New Parent Sampling.

Working in collaboration with the NHS New Parent Sampling meets 90-95% of all mums in hospital at birth, that’s over 2,000 mums every day and up to 590,000 every year.

New born packs are given to mums at their bedsides in hospitals across the UK where mum and baby’s details are verified including; gender and date of birth.

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Gym Sampling.

Gym Sampling is a new + exclusive Sampling Channel to Flavor.

We work with the over 850 gyms + health clubs throughout the UK , allowing us to engage up to 7 Million members across more than 15 gym groups including... David Lloyd, Bannatyne, Nuffield Health, Fitness First, Everlast, Living Well, The Gym, Puregym, Fitness4 Less, 1life, Better + Places for People gyms.

By detailing audience demographics of each gym throughout the UK, we can target specific audience segments that enjoy an active lifestyle.

We offer sampling with and without Brand Ambassadors in the foyers of gyms nationwide + can include supporting digital screen marketing to amplify each campaign.

Takeaway Sampling.

We work with large delivery services + independent and chain restaurants who deliver through Just Eat, Uber Eats + Deliveroo we include samples within takeaway deliveries.

Targeting is managed at a local level based on geographic demographics as well as restaurant audience data + cuisine type.

Due to the nature of takeaways Ambient, Chilled + Alcoholic products can all be distributed through this channel.

Flavor offer Social Sampling Internationally, with current campaigns running in the UK, across Europe, Australia + North America.

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Ride Share Sampling.

We work with the likes of Uber as well as directly independent drivers to include samples that are offered to customers during their ride.

Targeting is managed at a local level based on geographic demographics as well as restaurant audience data + driver selection.

Each driver engages with thousands of unique customers each week, offering cost effective sampling at a huge scale

Flavor offer Ride Share Sampling Internationally, with current campaigns running in the UK, across Europe + North America.

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Insert Placement.

Flavor also provide strategy, planning and buying for inserts across a range of subscription, ecommerce, magazine, direct + alternative channels.

Inserts provide a cheaper alternative to product sampling, and are a great route if products are too large to get through a traditional letterbox...

Our team of experts can work with you to plan, design, print and distribute inserts directly to your targeted audiences.

Goody Bag Sampling.

We work with multiple consumer + sporting events, shows + exhibitions to include samples into complimentary brags that are distributed to thousands of eager + engaged consumers.

Targeting is based on the in-depth audience insight from each event, and we curate the best mix of events to engage your target audience.

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Magazine Sampling.

Similarly to Subscription Sampling, we have a database of hundreds of magazine + publication partners with detailed information on each of their readerships.

We work with brands to curate a selection of suitable magazine partners to include product samples as a free gift to their audiences.

School Sampling.

We work with nurseries, schools + sixth form colleges throughout the UK to provide food, drink + toy samples as part of their everyday routines.

Networks throughout these educational communities have been established over the last twenty years to create a channel that teachers, educational professionals + parents trust.

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Salon Sampling.

Salon Sampling is a new + exclusive Sampling Channel to Flavor.

We work with 200 Toni & Guy Salons throughout the UK , allowing us to engage up to 2.5 Million engaged + targeted salon customers a year.

Audiences comprise of 100% ABC1, 78% Female, 82% Main Household Shoppers - with up to 3 hours of dwell time.

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“80% of consumers say free samples significantly influence their purchasing decision.”