Live Channels

Experiential Sampling

Connect with consumers through a positive immersive experience that will be remembered by your target audience, and produce highly engaging results.

Product Sampling Agency

8.3 out of 10 Average Product Rating

72% Average Likelihood to Purchase

74% Likelihood to Recommend

60% Average Claimed Recommendation

How Flavor does it

Experiential Sampling utilises a combination of high level creative design, premium production, location selection and staffing – all handled in-house by the Flavor team.

We can help create the perfect experiential activation catered to your brand objectives and needs, ensuring that your consumers are left with a memorable sampling experience.

Pros: Highly engaging channel located in high footfall areas, consumers quickly become brand advocates and regular product purchasers, personally connect with your target audience

Cons: Depending on the sampling set-up it can quickly become a costly channel