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Goodybag and Events Sampling

Reach thousands of consumers that match your audience profile in high engaging events and occasions across the UK – utilising goodybag samples and low to high level brand activation’s.

Product Sampling Agency

8.3 out of 10 Average Product Rating

72% Average Likelihood to Purchase

74% Likelihood to Recommend

60% Average Claimed Recommendation

How Flavor does it

Event Sampling utilises branded promotional sampling teams within an event environment. The level of brand experience can range from the low engagement/low cost of brand-to-hand sampling, up to the high engagement/ high cost of the immersive experiential sampling.

Goody Bag Sampling is a cost efficient channel which allows the inclusion of products in goody bags of various events and occasions across the UK. 

Events + occasions include:

  • Running Events

  • Sporting Events

  • Home + Living Shows

  • Freshers Fairs

  • Adhoc Events

  • Food & Drink Festivals

  • Trade Shows

Pros: Generate high level engagement depending on the sampling experienced used i.e brand-to-hand event sampling or experiential, reach a large volume of your target consumers, positive product experiences through sampling

Cons: Can be slightly more expensive depending on the event and location i.e bigger festivals and concerts, can be a costly set-up depending on sampling experience