Live Channels

In-Store Sampling


Engage your audience through in-store sampling targeting stores that stock your products and match your demographic.

Our brand ambassador’s will support in relaying key messages to consumers to encourage trial and drive sales in store.

Product Sampling Agency

8.3 out of 10 Average Product Rating

72% Average Likelihood to Purchase

74% Likelihood to Recommend

60% Average Claimed Recommendation

How Flavor does it

Utilising a branded pop-up stand, our brand ambassadors in-store will educate consumers on key product information alongside offering shoppers a free sample.

A money-off coupon will be handed out with every sample distributed to drive in-store purchases and future sales.

Pros: Minimises audience wastage by activating in stores matching your audience profile, influence consumer buying decisions with our experienced brand ambassadors

Cons: Depending on the location and store, footfall can be lower compared to other channels like brand-to-hand and experiential