Karma Bites Campaign

Karma Bites

To mark their launch into Holland & Barret stores across the UK, Karma Bites have partnered with Flavor; An Integrated Sampling Agency to create a hyper-targeted sampling campaign

“Healthy snacking is a very competitive market in the UK” Ashwin Ahuja, founder of the premium popped lotus seed snack, says. “As a growing brand we were looking for an effective way to drive cut through for a specific audience, with a real focus around driving traffic to Holland & Barrett stores.”

Richard Lloyd-Williams, MD & Business Director at Founder, goes on to state “Karma Bites are vegan, gluten fee, low in calories & extremely tasty!  We know that when people taste them they love them, so we wanted to get the products into the hands of this target audience as efficiently as possible – making sure we measure everything!”

Flavor will be running a targeted Social Sampling campaign focused at health & ethically conscious individuals within close proximity to key Holland & Barrett stores.

The campaign goes live on the 23rd January with targeted social ads, to coincide with when Karma Bites go on the shelves of Holland & Barrett stores. Free samples of Karma Bites will then be sent directly to claimants homes.

At Flavor, we offer an integrated sampling approach to curate the mix of sampling techniques to deliver optimal results for every campaign. We look after all sampling elements in under one roof to drive efficiencies in targeting, relevance, measurement & ROI…

If you would like to find out more about social sampling or any of our integrated sampling techniques you can get in touch richard@flavorsampling.com & 07977 148784