Live Channels

Airbnb Sampling

Airbnb Sampling targets up to 100,000 consumers a week at a time when they are relaxed, open to engagement and eager to make memories.

Product Sampling Agency

8.4 out of 10 Average Product Rating

72% Average Likelihood to Purchase

18% Average Claimed Purchase

Average 32 Net Promoter Score

How Flavor does it

We work with independent and group Airbnb Hosts to provide products as complimentary gifts on arrival in a selection of properties. The products can be placed in the hallway, kitchen and fridge alongside a branded leaflet.

The channel is able to target based on location type, region group size and age.

Pros: Consumers are targeted during a moment of high engagement so will have a positive association with brands and an immediate usage occasion

Cons: Targeting is limited around the information available on Airbnb from Hosts

Case Studies


Hasbro came to Flavor to find effective methods to support their product launch and create brand awareness.