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At Home Sampling


Each technique is cost effective, highly targeted and completely measurable.

Social Sampling

Door Drop Sampling

Subscription Sampling

Takeaway Sampling

New Parent Sampling

Smart Speaker Sampling

eCommerce Sampling

New Home Sampling

Direct Mail Sampling

Subscription Sampling

Social Sampling.

This targeted approach is extremely effective in minimising wastage (both audience and litter).

Through intelligent use of social media’s ad-targeting tools, you are able to serve lead ads directly to your target audience. This means that brands can focus on exactly the people that they want to target, sending samples direct to the consumer's door.

Social Sampling also offers the chance to collect consumer data (at the point of claiming a sample). This is great for remarketing purposes, but also offers the chance to get an in-depth measurement to provide insight for all future marketing.

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Door Drop + Direct Mail Sampling.

When combined with sampling, Door Drops & Direct Mail have the opportunity of highly targeted, and excellent value solution to getting products into people's hands.

Door drops in particular offer an exceptional cost per sample, and can work particularly well when combined with Brand to Hand sampling as part of an integrated approach.

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Subscription Sampling.

A derivative from product subscription models, Subscription Sampling relies on pre-built networks of individuals who either purchase or exchange their feedback & reviews for a regular box of treats tailored towards their interests.

There are dozens of subscription options in the UK market alone, with a plethora of specialisms and niches (health, beauty, booze, etc.) and in-depth data on their audiences.

We work with brands to decipher the perfect subscription partners to work with as part of an integrated sampling campaign.

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New Home Sampling.

Engaging up to 25,000 high-value home movers per month, on the day that they move in, with relevant and engaging products that will always be associated with a monumental life moment.

The box is shared with complimentary products has a 100% open rate, and offers a time to engage with high-net consumers (67% over £50K household income) at time when they are more likely to change their buying behaviour.

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eCommerce Sampling.

By working with online retailers including fashion, leisure & supermarket shops, we can target audiences based on their buying behaviour as well as their demographics to get samples into their hands alongside their orders.

The recent dominance of online shopping has meant that all variety of purchases are being delivered directly to people's homes, allowing relevant samples to accompany them.

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Smart Speaker Sampling.

Perhaps the most revolutionary example of new-age sampling, Smart Speaker Sampling uses the functionality of voice assistants (Alexa or Google Assistant) to request a sample.

Campaigns can be integrated into existing campaigns and can encourage increased engagement and deliver samples into people's homes through a modern and technologically advanced channel - which consumers really remember.

As voice assistants become more prevalent in homes, and everyday use, this method is sure to grow at speed.

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Nanny Sampling.

Nanny Sampling is a new + exclusive Sampling Channel to Flavor.

Our database allows us to target based on children’s ages as well as family’s ages, interests, household income, demographics, employment level + region.

Each Nanny is highly influential in their family’s snacking, hygiene and household purchase decisions. All Nannies are incentivised to follow up with social posts, online recommendations + confirmation of sales.

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New Parent Sampling.

Working in collaboration with the NHS New Parent Sampling meets 90-95% of all mums in hospital at birth, that’s over 2,000 mums every day and up to 590,000 every year.

New born packs are given to mums at their bedsides in hospitals across the UK where mum and baby’s details are verified including; gender and date of birth.

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Take Away Sampling.

Working with independent and chain restaurants who deliver through Just Eat, Uber Eats + Deliveroo we include samples within takeaway deliveries.

Targeting is managed at a local level based on geographic demographics as well as restaurant audience data + cuisine type.

Due to the nature of takeaways Ambient, Chilled + Alcoholic products can all be distributed through this channel.

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“80% of consumers say free samples significantly influence their purchasing decision.”