In-Home Channels

Door Drop Sampling

Our team have the capabilities to drop samples and inserts to each consumer home based on high indexing audience postcodes and the opportunity to target within 20 minutes to key stores.

Product Sampling Agency

8.1 out of 10 Average Product Rating

19 Average Net Promoter Score

61% Likelihood to Recommend

77% Average Claimed Recommendation

How Flavor does it

We use a range of audience profiling tools and proprietary data sources in order to filter based on your target demographic.

All samples go through a testing process prior to the live campaign to ensure the sample packaging is durable and will deliver safely. 

Pros: Can target consumers in close proximity to stores where they can claim a redeemable coupon and increase sales

Cons: More expensive and not as cost-effective as other sampling channels

Case Studies

Nature Valley

Nature Valley were looking to drive trial in various European countries taking into consideration the recent pandemic restrictions.