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Russell & Atwell – Flavor x Dragon’s Den Sampling Series

Introducing our next blog piece in the Flavor X Dragon’s Den Sampling series, where we put forward an integrated sampling solution to some of the great brands we see on the show.

In last week’s episode, Chocolatiers, Russell & Atwell, had pitched for a large investment of £90,000 to the panelist of Dragon’s in the hopes that they’d be able to kick-start their small chocolate business. Fortunately enough, they were able to win the hearts of all 5 Dragon’s with their delicious chilled chocolates, walking away with the full investment split between 2 Dragon’s.

If Flavor were given 25% of that investment, we could offer them an integrated sampling solution, putting forward the most effective sampling channels to achieve their business objectives below:

  • Increase brand perception of the Russell & Atwell brand
  • Drive consumer trial
  • To increase sales in stores where the product is sold as well as their online store

With a sampling budget of £22,500, we would be able to distribute up to 48,000 samples across a variety of sampling channels WITH results!

Take a look at our sampling proposal below!


Russell & Atwell’s audience consists of a 75% female audience between the ages of 25-54 years old. The majority of them in professional roles with a higher disposable income than your average consumer. They have keen interests in sustainability and organic products that are good for the environment.

Using a range of audience profiling tools, proprietary data and historic project performance data, Flavor are able to map out high indexing hot spots of Russell & Atwell’s target demographic across the UK. By doing so, we ensure there is minimal audience wastage when identifying these key profiles.

Proposed Channels and Timeline

Flavor have put forward what we think are the most effective sampling routes in helping Russell & Atwell achieve their business objectives.

Our sampling timeline outlines the distribution of up to 48,000 samples across Subscription, Takeaway and Office Sampling offering an integrated mixture between June to September. Flavor are able to put forward ‘chilled options’ to accommodate the product, ensuring that it aligns with the delivery of their brand.

Measurement and Reporting

At the end of each sampling campaign, an in-depth measurement report is generated to provide insight on the effectiveness of the campaign as well as general consumer feedback on the product. To collect this type of data, we utilise follow up surveys and emails to gather the below results on:


Keep an eye out for our next post in this series with a product from tonight’s NEW episode!

You can watch Dragon’s Den on BBC One Thursdays at 8pm, or catch up on previous episodes at BBC iPlayer.

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