Digital Channels

Influencer Sampling

Drive awareness and increase brand perception by integrating Influencers as a key element of your sampling campaign – leveraging their credibility and audiences.

Product Sampling Agency

62% Post Conversion

81% Claimed Recommendation

+54 Net Promoter Score

42% Claimed Purchase

How Flavor does it

We work with influencers in two main ways:

1. Influencer boxes

Sourcing and contracting influencers that align with a brand’s audience and sending them a box full of goodies that they will then post about to their followers. Flavor manages all elements of this process from sourcing + selecting suitable influencers through to the design, merchandising, fulfilment + distribution of the boxes.

2. Social Sampling

Working with Influencers as a media channel to drive consumers to claim a free sample as part of a Digital Sampling campaign. Influencers posts offering the FREE SAMPLE to their followers will be clickable and capture first party data to manage the sampling and follow up process.

3. Integrated Sampling targeting Community Influencers

Targeting real life consumers that are particularly active on social media and/or influential in their communities and seeding product samples to them in an optimised environment that will encourage social posting.

Pros: Incredibly high engagement and excellent targeting.

Cons: Expensive Cost per Sample, but offers great ROI from a reach perspective.

Case Studies


Hasbro came to Flavor to find effective methods to support their product launch and create brand awareness.