Lee Kum Kee


First established in 1888, Lee Kum Kee has turned into one of the best-known, leading Chinese condiments brands distributing a range of delicious and authentic Chinese sauces across the globe.

Lee Kum Kee had come to Flavor to find effective ways to encourage consumers in Germany, to purchase full-sized products of Lee Kum Kee sauces through sampling methods.


With an Average Product Rating of 8.5 out of 10, 74% Average Likelihood to Purchase and a 51 Net Promoter Score Average, social sampling was used to give consumers the opportunity to claim a free sample and take them through the entire purchase funnel – from awareness to point of purchase.

Social ad and hyper-targeting tools were utilised to reach German consumers who had interests that matched home cooking and Asian cuisines.

The targeting had identified a potential 30,000,000 relevant and engaged audiences.

Flavor. had also used a combination of TGIAcorn and proprietary data to identify hot-spots of the Lee Kum Kee audience throughout Germany to identify relevant subscription partners whilst ensuring minimal audience wastage.


Flavor had distributed 5,000+ samples of Lee Kum Kee sauce packs into consumer homes via Marley Spoon boxes in Germany. A leaflet was included with the samples to give further product information.

Alonglside this, Flavor. ran targeted social adverts and served them to Lee Kum Kee’s audience – giving them a chance to claim a free sample pack collection of cooking sauces.

The Social ad reached a hyper-targeted audience with a total reach of over 186,000. There were 16,375 samples that had been claimed and were sent directly to consumers’ homes.

Follow-up emails and measurement surveys were sent to consumers post-trial in order to maximise sales uplift and encourage product feedback.


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