Digital Channels

Social Sampling

A hyper-targeted channel which gives consumers the opportunity to claim a free sample and takes them through the entire purchase funnel – from awareness to point of purchase.

Product Sampling Agency

8.5 out of 10 Average Product Rating

74% Average Likelihood to Purchase

71% Average Claimed Recommendations

51 Net Promoter Score

How Flavor does it

Through intelligent use of social media’s ad-targeting tools, Flavor are able to serve lead ads directly to your target consumer audience. They are given the opportunity to claim a free sample which will be sent directly to their door in branded packaging or via a digital coupon which can be redeemed in store.

Social Sampling also offers the chance to collect consumer data (at the point of claiming a sample). This is great for remarketing purposes, whether via sending money-off coupons or further marketing communication. 

Pros: Minimises audience wastage due to its hyper-targeted capabilities, able to reach consumers on a very large scale, allows in-depth data capture

Cons: More costly compared to other sampling channels

Case Studies


SUQQU wanted to develop a sampling campaign that would increase brand awareness and drive direct sales through e-commerce stores.


Aquarian reached out to Flavor in order to maximise sales rates, increase brand perception and find suitable methods in measuring consumer feedback.


Nucao wanted to maximise the Rate of Sale in key stores, drive awareness, brand perception + social chatter amongst the Sainsbury’s audience.