In-Home Channels

Subscription &
E-Commerce Sampling

Get your products into the hands of consumers through our Subscription and E-Commerce sampling channels, reaching up to 1 million consumers per month. 

From fitness to food, to drink and beauty and more, we offer a large database of sampling partners across the UK and internationally. 

Product Sampling Agency

8.6 out of 10 Average Product Rating

75% Average Likelihood to Purchase

80% Likelihood to Recommend

30 Average Net Promoter Score

How Flavor does it

From our large database of online partners, we are able to identify and target the most relevant subscription boxes and e-commerce retailers based on your key demographics.

The samples are distributed across the country alongside subscription and online purchases, making their way directly into your target audience’s homes.

  • Chilled and alcohol sampling available through some of our partners

Pros: The channels are highly targeted and no audience wastage – samples are distributed across the relevant subscription/e-commerce partners that match your audience profile

Cons: Lower engagement as some samples may be included alongside other products

Case Studies

FULFIL Protein

FULFIL wanted to explore channels that would build brand awareness, educate the audience and have long-term tangible results.

FIGHT Vitamins

FIGHT were looking to promote their brand and encourage new consumers to trial the product further through sampling

Taylor's of Harrogate

Taylor’s of Harrogate came to Flavor with the objective of driving brand awareness, engage consumers and optimise product sales.