In-Home Channels

Magazine Sampling

Magazine Sampling allows smaller-sized products to engage with your target audience from our large range of magazine partners, reaching thousands of readers per month. 

Product Sampling Agency

8.7 out of 10 Average Product Rating

82% Average Likelihood to Purchase

55% Likelihood to Recommend

79% Average Claimed Recommendations

How Flavor does it

We work closely with a number of magazine partners to effectively target your audience, who not only offer sampling but also print advertising capabilities. 

Our partners offer titles from food to beauty, from interior design to sport and more, targeting a number of audience profiles. 

Pros: Reach a number of audience profiles with an exact match to your target demographic, print advertising opportunities alongside samples

Cons: Sample size restricted with only smaller-sized samples and sachets allowed

Case Studies

Nature Valley

Nature Valley were looking to drive trial in various European countries taking into consideration the recent pandemic restrictions.