Live Channels

Office Sampling

Offer samples to employees at their workplace and target based on industry and location. This channel is perfect for on-the-go ambient samples with very little preparation. 

Product Sampling Agency

7.6 out of 10 Average Product Rating

50% Average Likelihood to Recommend

63% Average Claimed Recommendations

15 Average Net Promoter Score

How Flavor does it

Through our office partners, you will be able to target and engage with your key audience by creating a bespoke office product sampling campaign across the UK.

  • Offices will be targeted in key locations with high proportion of staff based on your target audience

  • Average office sizes of 800 people

  • Create increased advocacy through shared experiences

Pros: Shared product experiences create word-of-mouth recommendations, there is very little preparation involved with ambient products, engagement across a wide range of industries

Cons: There may already be existing brand loyalty across consumers who purchase high volumes of certain products – such as tea and coffee brands

Case Studies


Benecol reached out to Flavor to look into ways to increase shopper awareness and conversion whilst promoting their new OAT range.