Digital Channels

Ratings and Reviews


One of the best uses of digital sampling is to drive ratings and reviews on e-commerce sites from people who have tried the product through sampling.

Helping shoppers make fast and confident purchasing decisions as shoppers trust reviews to validate their purchases. 

Product Sampling Agency

Driving consistent and authentic reviews increases conversion by 3.6%

Engagement is increased by 11.9% on average

How Flavor does it

By defining ratings + reviews as an objective for your sampling campaign, we capture feedback and ratings that can either be directed to one specific retailer or syndicated across multiple retailers.

Our digital software (powered by sampler) does this by collecting one review and then synching the API with the likes of Bazaarvoice, Power Reviews, Yotpo + Okendo to get on the review pages of almost every e-commerce retailer in the world.

Pros: Drive immediate and future purchases from positive reviews, honest reviews increase word of mouth recommendations

Cons: Not always guaranteed positive ratings from consumers which may affect future purchases

Case Studies

Bear Nibbles

Bear Nibbles wanted to remove the negative perceptions of natural and healthy snacks equal a bad tasting product.