In-Home Channels

Student Sampling

Target 80% of the student population in Universities across the UK and utilise a range of suitable channels to reach the relevant demographics.

Product Sampling Agency

8.7 out of 10 Average Product Rating

73% Average Likelihood to Recommend

86% Highly enjoyed the samples

78% Average Claimed Purchases after trying sample

How Flavor does it

We employ a number of channels to capture the attention of students. Each one is designed to intelligently target and engage with the student population:

  • Student welcome boxes + welfare packs

  • Bedroom boxes

  • Kitchen takeovers/Fridge drops (Chilled options available)

  • Student pigeon holes/Hall drops

By putting brand activation’s at the forefront of students’ lives, we’re able to influence their purchase decisions, create early brand adopters and generate the highest ROI.

Pros: Highly engaging channels to target students specifically during a memorable key moment in their lives

Cons: Can sometimes experience lower engagement as samples are distributed alongside other products

Case Studies


Sensodyne wanted to build brand awareness and increase product trial of their Repair and Protect toothpaste range.