Live Channels

Gym Sampling

Get your product into the hands of over 7 million consumers who all lead active lifestyles. We work with selected gym sites that can attract up to 1,250 gym-goers per day. 

Product Sampling Agency

46% Average Claimed Purchases directly after the gym

69% of ABC1 Professionals

Live within 2 miles of a gym or health club

65% main shoppers

How Flavor does it

Flavor works with over 850 gyms + health clubs across the UK offering brands the opportunity to sample through various outlets within the gym, including:

  • Gym floor

  • Changing rooms

  • Lockers & more

We can access geo-localised data using swipe card data. TGI and external data insights can inform us of preferred training times, duration of workouts and multi-site training. This data can also be used for independent research and gym site feedback.

Pros: Specifically target those that have interests in fitness/health and active lifestyles, consumers will associate your brand with a positive experience, includes additional marketing such as branded sampling bins and screens

Cons: Can be more expensive compared to other sampling channels

Case Studies

Nature Valley

Nature Valley were looking to raise product awareness in the German market and target active, on-the-go consumers.

Biotiful Dairy

Biotiful Dairy wanted to drive awareness and cut through the Kefir and competitive yoghurt drinks category.