In-Home Channels

New Home Sampling


New Home sampling allows your brand to engage with up to 40,000 unique home movers every month, providing engaging products on the day they move in to their new home. 

Product Sampling Agency

8.3 out of 10 Average Product Rating

72% Average Likelihood to Purchase

74% Likelihood to Recommend

60% Average Claimed Recommendation

How Flavor does it

We work with a number of mortgage providers, estate agents and new home builders to identify the audience and provide valuable samples directly to consumers.

The channel is able to target high-net consumers at a time they are more likely to change their buying behaviour, and associate brands positively during a monumental life moment.

  • 54% of the audience are aged between 30-59

  • 73% of the audience earn over £50K per year

Pros: Consumers are targeted during a key life moment so will have a positive association with the brands included

Cons: Samples are included alongside other products so attention will also be focused on other brands

Case Studies

KIND Snacks

KIND had reached out to Flavor to find alternative sampling channels to get their products into the hands of their target consumers.

Dr. Wills

Dr. Wills came to Flavor with the objectives of increasing sales, awareness, recommendation rates and conversation.


Carr’s reached out to Flavor to encourage consumer trial around key events including informal hosting’s and special occasions.