In-Home Channels

Takeaway Sampling

Reach consumers through takeaway delivery apps, such as Deliveroo, Uber Eats and Just Eat, with samples directly delivered alongside consumer takeaway orders across the UK.

Product Sampling Agency

7.9 out of 10 Average Product Rating

69% Average Likelihood to Purchase

33 Average Net Promoter Score

76% Average Likelihood to Recommend

How Flavor does it

We are able to target based on specific audience demographics, as well as restaurant and cuisine category (vegan, healthy, luxury etc.), enabling brands to build meaningful experiences for their customers.

Leaflets and vouchers can be included alongside a sample, providing more information and buying incentives for the customer, but also opening up options to gain feedback and measure direct impact on sales.

Takeaway sampling can include ambient, chilled or frozen products.

Pros: High engagement as samples are included alongside relevant cuisine categories and takeaway orders that complement the type of product

Cons: Slightly more expensive than other sampling channels

Case Studies

Inch's Cider

Inch’s approached Flavor to find relevant sampling channels to support the launch of their Medium Apple Cider.


Alpro approached Flavor in order to raise product awareness of their Greek Style yoghurt and to engage with consumers in London areas.