Live Channels

Brand-to-Hand Sampling

Brand-to-Hand Sampling is a tactical channel that allows great levels of consumer engagement in high footfall areas.

Product Sampling Agency

8.1 out of 10 Average Product Rating

62% Average Claimed Recommendations

21 Average Net Promoter Score

How Flavor does it

Brand to Hand sampling can be delivered via either one or a combination of Guerrilla and Fixed Location Sampling.

Each route chosen will impact the overall sample volume teams can achieve, the level of consumer targeting, and the cost efficiency.

  • Guerrilla Sampling doesn’t have the security of booked site spaces, but allows teams to be very tactical about where and when they activate. 

  • Fixed location sampling is the opposite to Guerrilla. Teams set-up pre-booked site spaces, and maximise their presence through larger teams, more samples, and a higher level of engagement with consumers.

Pros: Guerrilla Sampling is a cost effective channel, both Fixed Site and Guerrilla attract high levels of consumer engagement, brand key messages are easily relayed to the public through brand ambassador staff

Cons: Fixed Site Sampling is slightly more expensive, Guerrilla Sampling is very tactical therefore a well thought-out journey plan needs to be in place

Case Studies

Holy Moly

Holy Moly wanted to create a highly engaging sampling campaign by embodying a creative concept – ‘Finest Colombian Export’.

St. Pierre Groupe

St. Pierre Group wanted to increase brand awareness and drive ROS in Tesco stores across London and Manchester.


Nucao wanted to maximise the Rate of Sale in key stores, brand perception + social chatter amongst the Sainsbury’s audience.


yfood were looking for the most effective channels to help drive trial, increase brand penetration and encourage UK sales.

Gosh! Food

Gosh! had come to Flavor to find effective ways to encourage trial, promote brand awareness and increase sales uplift.