Is Digital Product Sampling the future of FMCG Marketing?

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With the advent of the internet, brands and retailers can now reach new audiences on a targeted, and at times, on a global scale. There are a number of channels that traditional product sampling cannot offer in the digital space, but how do you get your product or brand noticed in the digital jungle? One way is through digital product sampling, and this particular marketing mechanic continues to make a breakthrough in the product sampling world. Could digital sampling methods be the future of FMCG marketing? 

What is digital sampling?

Similar to traditional sampling, digital sampling can provide consumers with a free product in order to generate interest and awareness as sampling would. However, digital sampling involves the use of online platforms to take consumers through the purchase funnel, rather than in-person or indirect sampling techniques where consumers are simply given a free sample.

It can be an extremely effective marketing tool, as it allows brands to reach a large number of potential customers in a relatively short amount of time, with a straightforward and hassle-free set up. 

How does digital sampling work?

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As an omni-channel avenue, brands are able to target their consumers through a number of online digital platforms – one of the most successful being social media applications.

This requires a variety of tools to identify and reach out to potential customers and then provide them with relevant samples of products based on their preferences and interests, ultimately serving hyper targeted capabilities. Additionally, these can be customised further to target specific age and gender demographics, as well as behaviours and locations. 

Another great way to reach your audience is through digital ads and email marketing methods which involves the distribution of emails to an existing CRM list where consumers can claim a free sample, or a discount/money-off coupon exclusive to the consumer. This is an extremely effective way of reaching out to potential customers, as can target those with the correct interests but have not yet made the steps to purchase. Rather, it gives prospective consumers a gentle ‘push’ to take further action. 

Why is digital sampling effective?

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By providing samples brands can create a relationship with consumers that goes beyond simply selling a product. It’s an effective strategy for brands to connect with consumers on a digital level as well as personal, by leading consumers directly to the sample and providing an incentive for purchase – for example when using digital coupons to claim in store. 

Data capture is at the heart of digital sampling. It allows the tracking of 1st party data which can track and measure essential information such as consumer behaviour, preferences, sample feedback/reviews and audience figures. As with most marketing campaigns, data capture is necessary to make the most out of your marketing efforts and will provide you with beneficial consumer insight for the future.

As digital sampling delivers a hyper targeted approach, you will find there is less audience wastage overall due to targeting those who have similar existing interests. The relevant consumer responds to the triggers and makes the choice to claim the sample. Digital sampling can filter out those who are less likely to take those additional steps, therefore reaching prospective consumers more efficiently.

Should you use digital sampling as a sampling strategy?

This modern approach to sampling is an excellent way for brands to reach their target audience and generate direct sales. It allows brands to connect with potential customers on a large digital scale through a variety of channels and provides a solution to a number of business objectives. 

As the virtual space is becoming more accessible, digital sampling is definitely a powerful channel to add into the marketing mix if you are looking for a highly targeted medium to reach your audience, or whether you are keen in capturing essential data. 

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