Flavor’s Senior Account Executive takes the stage in a ‘panto’ tastic Fairytale

‘Tis the season of joy here at Flavor, and we’re embracing the holiday spirit in a truly enchanting way. As the curtains rose last weekend, our Senior Account Executive, Ella-Maria, has taken centre stage in a charming panto depicting the tale of Cinderella.

Ella-Maria plays Dandini, the Prince’s most trusted aide and confidante. But this isn’t your traditional Cinderella story, instead it’s one that focuses on girl-power as Cinderella fights for her freedom from her exceptionally wicked stepsisters. Starring a hugely talented cast, their performance is sure to knock your glass slippers off!

A Remote Working Wonderland

Working in a remote marketing agency has its perks, and one of the most magical is the flexibility it provides. Ella-Maria, with her passion for the stage, has seamlessly integrated her love for sampling and events with the world of pantomime. The wonders of remote work have allowed Ella-Maria to balance her professional commitments delivering top-notch integrated sampling campaigns, all while attending rehearsals and costume fittings – all equally as important and without missing a beat!

Ella-Maria’s journey from Senior Account Executive by day, to the great Dandini by night, is a testament to the flexibility and support in creativity that comes with remote working at Flavor.

Turning Pumpkins into Carriages

Just as Cinderella’s fairy godmother transformed pumpkins into carriages, Ella-Maria continues to bring great client servicing to the forefront and turns them into captivating sampling campaigns.

The parallels between sampling and theatre are uncanny – both involve storytelling, audience engagement, and of course, a touch of theatrical flair.

The Grand Finale

The team is thrilled to see Ella-Maria shine and pursue her passion. Whether that be curating sampling campaigns or pirouetting through the centre stage, our team proves that distance is no match for the magic we create! After all, the Christmas season is for making dreams come true – both professionally and theatrically. Break a leg, Ella-Maria!

The Cinderella panto is presented by Eight-Freestyle and Contact Young Company. If you would like to book tickets to watch this truly ‘panto’ tastic performance, you can book them on their website here.

Shows will be running from now up until Sunday 31st December 2023. 

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