A Growing Market

The changing world of E-commerce sampling is expanding to cater to a swell of online shoppers. Online giant Amazon this week announced their re-starting of their product sampling campaign in Italy. Consumers can trial free samples from various brands without the obligation of having to purchase or review the product. As more and more consumers tap into the online world to shop and browse, there are calls for “touchless technology” to be Covid-safe. 95% of the U.K. population now own a mobile phone and it is estimated we spend 2½ hours online each day.  There have been calls to utilize this use of technology and bridge the gap left in sampling to drive new innovative, tech-led forms of sampling. Successful speaker sampling campaigns have already proved the value and effectiveness of using technology in sampling. Brands will now look to more creative and experiential forms of sampling in an online age to connect with consumers.

One established form of sampling which has long used the virtual world of online shopping to its advantage is Subscription Sampling. Affordable pricing, good quality products and the chance to try something new has contributed to the popularity of subscription boxes. It is estimated that 27% of the U.K. population now subscribe to a subscription box for themselves or someone close to them. In recent years the market has enjoyed significant expansion to allow for changing trends. For example, the re-emergence of gin and tonic in recent years as a popular drink means many brands now offer a monthly craft gin subscription box.

Targeting, Engagement + Value

Consumers love variety as well as the chance to try a new product as part of a monthly subscription. Brands sometimes work with small businesses to include samples of their products. This is a perfect way for any small or emerging brand on a budget to reach a large audience through a targeted subscription sampling campaign.

Leading U.K. beauty, food and treat boxes now regularly collaborate with brands to include samples targeting monthly subscribers. It can be a powerful marketing tool as it offers the element of surprise; subscribers won’t know what sample they are receiving in each monthly box until it arrives. Its strength lies in targeting consumers who would maybe overlook a product through in-store or event sampling methods. They are getting a unique chance to sample products in their own homes at a time when they are in a mood to engage and try something new. Certain brands will incentivise subscribers to provide reviews/feedback which will help brands with market research. Brands can also utilise key data from subscription boxes to target a certain demographic and pick their preferred audience.

There are all sorts of themed subscriptions; from socks to spanners, gaming to cycling.

At Flavor we have a database of over One Thousand trusted Subscription Partners that range from huge brands that distribute over 100,000 boxes a week, to niche packages that go out to 150 devoted fans a month. We utilise our understanding of this channel to mach specific Target Audiences and engage them with desirable product samples through a respected channel.

Sampling is an integrated and important part of subscription boxes giving subscription sampling a promising head start. It is targeting consumers who are inclined to try a new product and sample something new, can improve brand awareness for an emerging brand and drive sales by targeting a nationwide and possibly international audience.

At Flavor, we use Subscription + eCommerce Sampling as part of an integrated sampling approach to curate the perfect mix of sampling techniques to deliver optimal results for every campaign. We look after all sampling elements under one roof to drive efficiencies in targeting, relevance, measurement & ROI…

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